What should I do if I'm hungry while playing Pachinko?

Though the rules are various depend on the parlor, you can take 30-40 minutes of lunch break. Please call the clerk by call-button above the machine.



What should I do if I want to go to bathroom while Jackpot of the game?

Be patient and wait until the Jackpot round finishes!  For Pachinko, one Jackpot lasts just for a few minutes.  On the other hand, you can go to bathroom anytime if you are playing Pachi-slot.



The function and meaning of center screen effects of the machine is not clear.

You can enjoy the Pachinko more if you know the effects!  You can take some instruction books at your parlor for free and you'll see a lot of effects of machines.  These are also available on Internet or Pachinko magazines.



What does it mean when a tobacco box is placed on the machine?

That is a sign of "The machine is occupied".  The user of the machine may go to bathroom or exchange.  Sometimes a lighter or a key chain may be placed on it and those are the same meaning.



What are benefits if I become a member of the parlor?

Since the benefits vary depend on the parlor, you can get new information of the parlor or 貯玉[Chodama/deposits of the balls].  Please ask the clerk for details.



What is 貯玉[Chodama]?

You can deposit your obtained balls in your parlor like a bank.  In ordinary, you can exchange your balls for prizes within the day you've got.  For getting the service, you should be a member of the parlor.



Sometimes the announcement says "Number XX has been started!"  What does it mean?

The "start" means Jackpot start!  Every machine has its number on it. The announcement says the number of the machine which Jackpot had started.



Are there coin lockers for your luggage in the parlor?

Most of the parlors have coin lockers in them.  You can use it for free in some parlors.



Is bathroom clean?

Most of the parlors make them clean and are welcome to use!



Can I borrow an umbrella when it's raining?

Some parlors are doing rental service of umbrellas.  Please ask the clerk.



Are some comics, magazines or newspapers available at the parlor?

These are available at some parlors for free.  Please use them for your break or relax.



Can I charge my cellar phone at parlors?

Some parlors have cellar phone charger for free. Please ask the clerk.



Are wet towels available at the parlor?

Wet towels are available for self-service at most of the parlors.  Some parlors serve hot or cold towels for your comfort.



Are there any other services at parlors?

Kind of services are variable depends on parlors.  Some parlors lend you blankets or buy tobaccos or drinks for you.  Also, you can share your balls or coins with friends or family and can move to other machines with those balls at some parlors.